High School EQUIVALENCY TEST


  • According to Indiana state policy, to register for the High School Equivalency
    exam, you must:
  • Be a resident of Indiana for 30 days.
  • Register in person. No one can register for you.
  • Bring your government issued photo ID.       
  • Forms accepted are
  • driver’s license,
  • state ID card issued by the state of Indiana,
  • current passport,
  • military ID.
  • Invalid or expired IDs and high school photo IDs will not be accepted.
  • Pay all exam fees at the time of registration. Initial exam fee is $100.00 cash.
    Financial Assistance may be available.
  • Provide an exit interview if you are 16 or 17 years old. It must be signed by the
    parent, student, principal, and school corporation superintendent.


  CTB/McGraw-Hill supports the intent of the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 committed to
supporting access to the TASC for individuals with disabilities. To this end, the TASC
design includes accessible formats and allowable resources that are available to all
examinees. In addition, examinees with a documented need may apply for special testing
  To apply, supply a copy of your IEP to the TASC Test Administator. If your
accomodation is because of a physial need, you may obtain a form for your doctor to fill
out addressing your specific needs, from the Test Administrator.
  Examples of Accommodations which can be requested are:
  •        Audio CD/Screen Reader
  •        Breaks
  •        Calculator on all sections
  •        Extended testing time
  •        Adaptive Equipment/Furniture
  •        Scribe
  •        Technology- Assisted Writing
  •        Small group setting/ separate room


• Please call 2 business days in advance to schedule your testing or call for testing


To obtain a copy of your High School Equivalency diploma or GED, you should visit  
https://www.diplomasender.com/ .


If you need more information on the HSE
Call 812-438-2437, 812-584-8011
Text 812-584-8011